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I found a great homeschool science lesson the other day. It was learning, but so much fun at the same time! I had to share with you. I was teaching Kares about matter. I was explaining the difference between liquids, solids, and gases. My experiment didn’t exactly look like the one I copied, but it worked well enough.


Materials Needed:
baking soda
dish soap
glass jar
food coloring

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1. Fill the mason jar half way with vinegar.
2. Add glitter.
3. Add food coloring.
4. Put in a few spoonfuls of dish soap.
5. Mix together, trying not to create too many bubbles.
(Now the fun part begins!)
6. Add in a couple tablespoons of baking soda.
7. Watch the magic happen!

My girls learned that the vinegar was a liquid, the baking soda more of a solid, and it created a gas through a chemical reaction.
The dishsoap makes this different from the typical baking soda vinegar experiments. It creates a LOT of bubbles. Ours would have been better if I used a smaller jar, more dishsoap, and if tiny little hands would just watch. They were so excited about the bubbles they couldn’t help but touch it!

Here is the link that I used to get my experiment.

A little tip: I put the jar on a cookie sheet so that it didn’t overflow and make a big mess on the table.

Have fun learning!