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We have all read the “You Know You’re a Mom When…” Lists. Here is my own personal one, and these are just the things that have happened in the last few days!

You Know You’re a Mom When…

1. You get 5 hours of sleep and feel amazing! (Way better than the typical 3 you normally get)

2. You forgot what it is like to pee by yourself.

3. You feel like the incredible amounts of caffeine you drink bypass you and go straight to your two year old.

4. You consider a coffee I.V. to help the caffeine work faster! (See number 3)

5. You stop the shower with shampoo still in your hair to check on the kids you thought you heard crying in the monitor. (No baby crying, that is just all your mind hears these days)

6. You clean the house 100 times a day only to realize it still isn’t actually clean.

7. You only know the kids bop version of the songs. (I can’t even sing a real song these days)

8. You apologize to your five year old for over reacting to her tantrum. Even though you are angry, she doesn’t actually have to stay in her room for the next 36 hours. (If you haven’t done this yet, you don’t have a strong willed child. Feel free to borrow mine for the experience!)

9. Your kids think you have super powers. You must be able to answer any question they ask, you can hold 15 things with two hands, you know exactly where everything is, you can do 35 things at the same time, your kisses fix any boo boo, and you can make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich better than anyone on the planet.

10. Despite all of the chaos and craziness of each day, you wouldn’t change it for the world. You cry tears of sadness and joy at the same time because your babies are growing up. You would do anything for your kids. And you DO have superpowers…..YOU ARE A MOM!

Feel free to leave a comment with your “You Know You’re a Momisms”
I want to hear your experiences too.


Last night right as I am finally falling asleep, I hear through our baby monitor, “Mommy, come get me out of here!” from our 2 year old. So I make some smart ass comment to my husband about how HIS children never sleep and drag myself out of bed to go get her.
I am so tired at this point, I lay her in bed with us and try to get a little sleep. Feeling a little frustrated that my bed is being taken over by this teeny little insomniac and I haven’t had a great nights sleep since 2008.
That is when it hit me, my little baby is ONLY LITTLE ONCE! She is so sweet cuddling next to me, all of a sudden sleeping so soundly. I wrapped my arms around her and tried to enjoy the time I have left with her while she is still little.
As soon as I drift off to sleep, thinking that things can’t get any better, my 5 year old comes crawling in bed with us. She had a bad dream and just needed to be close. So there we were…all 4 of us sleeping in the bed. It was cramped, it wasn’t the most comfortable, but we were cuddling our babies…because they really are ONLY LITTLE ONCE!
Kiss your babies and enjoy every second with them, even the seconds that make you crazy.

I am in the kitchen washing dishes (because that is what I am always doing! click here for my dishes trick) and I hear my girls pretending. I stop and listen a little closer, careful not to let them see me. I see Kares (4) trying to put a “leash” on Kailani (2). Kares has rolled up a blanket and tied it around Kailani’s shoulder. (I guess I should be thankful it wasn’t her neck!) Kailani is now barking like a dog and Kares is commanding her to come and sit.

I continue to listen trying to hold in the laughter. Next thing I know Kares has Kailani (who is potty training) in the bathroom and telling her to go potty. Kares says, “Go Poo Poo doggy. But not really Kailani, just pretend to go poo poo. Here like this, watch me!” So now I am rolling in the laughter.

Finally I hear, “Mommy, I can’t get this leash off of Kailani!” As I look closer Kares has it knotted about 5 times! Oh my…maybe I should have intervened sooner…they were just getting along so nicely (and I got a few dishes done)!

I just love when my girls get along so well. They are finally at that age where they can play together and enjoy themselves! So for now, they will pretend to be doggies, and poor Kailani will be drug around. Thankfully she seems to enjoy it and asks Kares for more!

Getting in the Christmas spirit, Kares and I were reading bible stories and singing songs. We were on “Silent Night” when she asks me, “Mommy, what does virgin mean?”

Oh my! How do I answer this? I don’t want to lie to her, but at the age of 4 she is not ready for the entire truth about sex.

So I simply told her a virgin is someone who has never done something before. Mary was a virgin because she has never had a baby before, Jesus was her first.

What do you think? How do you handle these types of questions while still keeping things age appropriate? Please share your stories and suggestions. I am sure this is the first if many tough questions my kids (and yours) will ask.