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I decided to make a St. Patrick’s Day art project with the girls today.  There are so many amazing ideas on Pinterest…I thought instead of just pinning things online, it was time to actually do them!

We painted using bell peppers and potatoes!  It was fun and not terribly difficult.

We used bell peppers and potatoes to create art projects!

We used bell peppers and potatoes to create art projects!

The supplies:

1 bell pepper

2 potatoes (one for each girl)




cookie cutters

photo 1

The peppers were easy…just cut it open and paint!  We used a sponge brush at first but it was much easier to slap it on with our fingers.

photo 3

The pepper painting finished product!

The pepper painting finished product!

The potatoes were a bit more tricky, but still not too bad. First I sliced the potato long ways to create the biggest area to use.  Then I used a shamrock cookie cutter.  I pressed down pretty hard.  Then cut around the cookie cutter.  When I took the cookie cutter off, there was a perfect shamrock shape…NO artistic ability needed!  (My kind of crafting!)

photo 1

The potato finished product!

The potato finished product!

My kids had fun with it.  I didn’t spend a fortune on supplies and they thought it was SO COOL to do something a little different than plain old paining.

If  you are looking for a delicious St. Patrick’s Day cake recipe check this one out that I did last year….here is the link.

Try it out, have fun and enjoy!  I know we did.

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I made this lovely cake and thought I would share the recipe and decorating technique!


Last year I made Irish Car Bomb cupcakes and I didn’t even get to eat one because they were all SO good! They were modeled off of the drink that mixes Guiness Beer, Jameson Whiskey, and Bailey’s Irish Cream. So the cupcakes and cake pack quite a punch as well! I was making cupcakes and ran out of liners, so I decided to make a cake as well! I made a double batch and had enough for two batches of cupcakes and a very small round cake.

Irish Car BombCake and cupcake recipe:
I found this recipe from a website here. But it was all done from scratch. I tried to save time and used a cake mix and can icing with some adjustments. Here is my recipe.
Well you know from my previous posts, I don’t measure out exact…so this is more of a guideline.

Cake: follow directions according to box chocolate cake except use Guiness beer instead of water. Be careful, the cake rises more than normal during the baking process. I only filled the cupcakes half way.

Chocolate filling:
For the cupcakes I used a tiny spoon an cut out a 1 inch cube from the center. This is where the filling will go. I melted chocolate chips in a microwave safe bowl then stirred them until creamy. Add a couple teaspoons of Jameson Irish Whiskey in and stir. It will start to clump and get hard. I wanted it not to drip but still able to spread. Then I filled the holes of the cupcakes with it.
For the cake, I just made a layer on top. The original recipe calls for heavy cream, but I did not want to keep the cake refrigerated so I left it out.


I took a can of vanilla icing and mixed it with some Baileys Irish Cream and then some powdered sugar to thicken it up a bit. When it was the consistency I wanted I just iced the cake and cupcakes as usual. If the icing is too thin and watery, add more powdered sugar and use a hand mixer to make it smooth. If it is too thick add more Bailey’s. It is all how you want it to taste and how strong you want your icing!

When the cupcakes were iced I added a little green sprinkles to be festive.

The Shamrock decoration:

I looked for a shamrock stencil and didn’t have one, so I had to improvise. First I put a few sprinkles all over the cake, then blended them in with the frosting. This way the entire cake was decorated slightly and when there are a few stray sprinkles from the shamrock, it won’t be as noticeable.

Next I took heart cookie cutter and held it gently over the cake. I filled the heart with green sprinkles. Then repeated this two other times, turing the heart to make the shape of a shamrock. The stem was a little trickier. I poured sprinkles in my hand and carefully sprinkled them in a line to create the stem. Then I took my icing knife and “cleaned up” the edges by smoothing the stray sprinkles into the icing. (This is why I put sprinkles all over it to begin with)

I was pretty impressed with the shamrock and this could be done on any cake with any shape! It really was easy. Just use a cookie cutter or any stencil and sprinkles! Have fun and Happy St. Patrick’s Day!