Last night right as I am finally falling asleep, I hear through our baby monitor, “Mommy, come get me out of here!” from our 2 year old. So I make some smart ass comment to my husband about how HIS children never sleep and drag myself out of bed to go get her.
I am so tired at this point, I lay her in bed with us and try to get a little sleep. Feeling a little frustrated that my bed is being taken over by this teeny little insomniac and I haven’t had a great nights sleep since 2008.
That is when it hit me, my little baby is ONLY LITTLE ONCE! She is so sweet cuddling next to me, all of a sudden sleeping so soundly. I wrapped my arms around her and tried to enjoy the time I have left with her while she is still little.
As soon as I drift off to sleep, thinking that things can’t get any better, my 5 year old comes crawling in bed with us. She had a bad dream and just needed to be close. So there we were…all 4 of us sleeping in the bed. It was cramped, it wasn’t the most comfortable, but we were cuddling our babies…because they really are ONLY LITTLE ONCE!
Kiss your babies and enjoy every second with them, even the seconds that make you crazy.