My girls have been sick for the past week. So day 7 of pretty much not leaving the house, we were all going crazy. So I decided to put them in the tub, with a little shaving cream, so they could finally have some fun!
I stuck the girls in the tub. I filled a muffin tin with shaving cream then put food coloring in each one. Then I gave them each a paint brush. I let them go crazy in the bath tub.

Here is the muffin tin full of our colorful paint!


I cannot tell you how much fun they had painting the walls with shaving cream! They even got excited that the water was changing colors too.

It kept my sick girls busy for almost an hour and was SO easy and cheap.

The only downside is that it turns the white grout in the tile colors. It doesn’t wipe off so easily, but I am sure with a little scrubbing it will come off. I figure if we do that a few times a month, I can get hours of entertainment for a little bit of scrubbing once a month.

The finished masterpiece, completed by my 2 year old and 5 year old. Who by the way BEGGED me to do it again soon.


If you don’t want to put them in the tub to play with shaving cream you can easily use a table. Another day I put plain white shaving cream all over a little play table I have for the girls. My 5 year old was able to practice her spelling words in the shaving cream, and the 2 year old attempted to practice shapes! It was a great educational experience, where they were learning while having fun. I put aprons on them so that they didn’t cover their clothes with stuff. BUT I did have to put them in the tub when we were finished…they got a little too excited and there was shaving cream EVERYWHERE! Upside…my house smelled amazing!