I learned this trick a few years ago and thought every single mom in the world knew it too. But the other day one of my Mommy friends had never heard of this. So for the few people that are not doing this for their kids, I had to do a blog post.
My girls love snacks, especially popsicles, but that gets SO unhealthy. So I have found a healthier alternative. We take the squeeze yogurts (like Yoplait Go-Gurt or the organic kind Horizon Tuberz) and I put them right in the freezer. Then when my kids want a snack, I cut the frozen one in half and I have the perfect little popsicle.

I then wrap a paper towel around it to keep their little hands from getting cold. It is not messy, doesn’t usually drip and they LOVE them. Now I know those are still full of sugar and not exactly the healthiest snack, but they are a heck of a lot better than most popsicles, plus the make ZERO mess!
I found these reusable tubes (here for link) on Amazon where you can fill your own up with whatever you want. This may be a much healthier alternative. The only down side is the convenience factor…I have to take the time to fill them up! But maybe I can stick left over smoothie (click here for the recipe) in them and the girls can eat that frozen too.