What we want but hardly ever get…no not sex…DATE NIGHT!

I am not sure about you but hubby and I don’t get a date night near as often as I would like. Not only is it difficult to find the time to go out, but when we do have the time, it is EXPENSIVE! We were spoiled for so long with free babysitters (thank you both Grandmas!). Now that we are not living right next to family we actually have to pay for a sitter. After the price of the baby sitter, the price of dinner at a decent restaurant (because let’s face it…if I am going out without the kids, it is going to be worth it), the price of movie tickets, I can’t afford to grocery shop the next week! HAHA

In all honesty I have found a few things that make date night a little more affordable.

Date Days- We sometimes go on date days instead of date nights. This way we go to lunch (cheaper meal, but still nice) and go to a matinee movie for about half the cost. Or if you don’t want a movie, there are other daytime activities that are so much fun! Hubby and I went to a trampoline gym one day…we got to act like kids without having to watch them! Then we went had only dessert for lunch…YUMMY! I also like this because my girls (especially the little one) are terrible to put to bed for a babysitter. So they are much happier with a sitter who can just play with them instead of do bedtime.

Baby Swap- We have done baby swaps with some friends and neighbors. We watch their kids on Friday night for free and they watch mine on Saturday night for free. This way we don’t have to pay for a sitter and when we are gone the kids love it because they get to have a playdate with friends. Total win win!

Dates at home- More often than not we have at home mini dates when the girls are asleep. It isn’t ideal, but works in a pinch. We watch movies, eat dessert, make popcorn, lay a blanket down and have a picnic in the bedroom (something we don’t let the kids do). All it takes is just some quality time together, where we aren’t doing laundry, aren’t cleaning house, aren’t discussing the kids, and simply focusing on us.

Maybe I should make that my New Year’s resolution…more Date Nights!