So I have been working on this post for a couple of days, (It takes forever for me to find time to sit and type as you can imagine). I thought I would share my great tip with all of you about keeping bibs and wipes right where you need them. Well of course as I get ready to post this, my “Great tip” backfires on me. More on that later…first let me share my great tip.

If your kids are anything like mine, the word messy does not even begin to describe mealtime! I found that I always was in need of a bib and of course extra wipes. I stored my bibs in a drawer in my kitchen folded neatly (ok ok, they were just shoved in there any which way and the drawer was completely overflowing!). Then I would forget to grab one, have to leave the baby in the highchair and get up to get one. By the time I got back the baby had food everywhere, my food was cold, or better yet, the kid is screaming and is too mad to even eat. Something had to change!

Then I turned by brain on and started storing my bibs on the highchair. Makes perfect sense…why oh why did it take me until the 2nd kid to figure this out!

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When they are stored here I always have one right there. If she messes it totally up, I just grab another one. If she wants a pink one instead of a purple one, no worries, it isn’t worth the fight. I just grab a different one. Much happier mom and baby.

Now on to the baby wipe situation. We have babywipes in no joke…every room in the house! I have to say my favorite place is again, on the back of the highchair! A napkin just doesn’t cut it. Sometimes you just need to clean up with a wipe.
It is also perfect because now that both girls are walking around, they can get a wipe when they need one. If their hands are sticky or they finish a snack, they know where the wipes are, get one themselves and even (only on the good days) throw it away!

NOW to how this lovely idea backfired on me. I go to take a picture of the bibs on the highchair so neatly hung up, and what do my surprise do I see? YES bibs everywhere…all over the floor along with babywipes! OY VEY…I should have known. Maybe now that it is out of her system, my little monkey will leave them alone. (Who am I kidding…I am so going to be picking these up 15 thousand times a day)