Just like most people, I am really trying to eat healthier and feed my kids healthier! I thought I would share some of the tricks, recipes, and ways I am doing this at home. Now I don’t live in a dream world…I am not always successful. My kids eat crap sometimes, whine a lot, pitch fits, and complain about what I cook. BUT most days they eat healthy with a smile, they love what I make to eat and ask for more. So I thought I would share what works for us MOST of the time. HAHA

I really want to keep my blog posts short and sweet, because honestly who has time to read a blog anyway? So I will just post one or two ideas every few days. (You can subscribe to get my blog via email each time I post so you won’t miss any if you are interested!)

Healthy Eating Post 1

My kids always seem to ask for a snack right before we are ready to eat dinner. I don’t want them filling up on junk and then not eating my meal. I could just say no and make them wait, but I hate depriving them of food if they are actually hungry, plus they are SO whiny that time of day…no one wants to listen to it!

So I always try to give them something super healthy to hold them over (and stop the constant whining)! I usually have raw vegetables for them. They know they can eat carrots, cucumbers, red pepper sticks, or some other vegetable. Sometimes I will make them a smoothie (recipe to come in a few days!). I cut up apple fries or other fresh fruit. The strangest snack they love are frozen peas! Yes frozen! I just put them in a bowl for the girls and they eat them right up!

Now, they may not finish their dinner these nights, but at least I know they filled up on healthy food first. I don’t care if they don’t eat everything at dinner if they had a whole bowl of carrot sticks before dinner!