I am in the kitchen washing dishes (because that is what I am always doing! click here for my dishes trick) and I hear my girls pretending. I stop and listen a little closer, careful not to let them see me. I see Kares (4) trying to put a “leash” on Kailani (2). Kares has rolled up a blanket and tied it around Kailani’s shoulder. (I guess I should be thankful it wasn’t her neck!) Kailani is now barking like a dog and Kares is commanding her to come and sit.

I continue to listen trying to hold in the laughter. Next thing I know Kares has Kailani (who is potty training) in the bathroom and telling her to go potty. Kares says, “Go Poo Poo doggy. But not really Kailani, just pretend to go poo poo. Here like this, watch me!” So now I am rolling in the laughter.

Finally I hear, “Mommy, I can’t get this leash off of Kailani!” As I look closer Kares has it knotted about 5 times! Oh my…maybe I should have intervened sooner…they were just getting along so nicely (and I got a few dishes done)!

I just love when my girls get along so well. They are finally at that age where they can play together and enjoy themselves! So for now, they will pretend to be doggies, and poor Kailani will be drug around. Thankfully she seems to enjoy it and asks Kares for more!