I can never seem to keep up with the dishes! It seems as if the dishwasher is always running and my sink is always full!

The other day I was doing the dishes and Kares wanted me to play with her while Kailani was napping. I told her not now, I had to finish the dishes. She then said to me, “Mommy, the dishes can wait, I am ready to play with you now.” WOW little girl…play right into that Mommy guilt. But she was right, the dishes can wait. She was ready and to her, at that moment, playing with me was all that mattered. So of course I stop the dishes and play with my oldest baby. She will remember that her mommy played with her, not that the kitchen was spotless.

But here is my dilemma. When do the dishes get done? I can’t have them piled up to the ceiling. The kids are always wanting to play and the dishes never seem to end!

Here is the solution I found. I read somewhere (I can’t remember where and if anyone knows please comment and I will provide a link) that a mom uses a kitchen timer. She tells her kids to set it for however many minutes. When the timer goes off, she stops with cleaning (even if she isn’t done) and is completely free to play with her kids. What a great idea! My kids understand the timer, they can hold it, they can count down, and they know if they let me get 5 minutes of work done, I am all theirs to play with later.

I am totally going to try this! Maybe I can finally find a way to keep up with the dishes.