I know this is late and the holiday season is over, but I still wanted to share!
I am a Christian, and I want my girls to not only understand, but also celebrate what Christmas is all about…the birth of Christ!
Christmas gets so busy with presents, food, traveling, off of school and schedules, we often (yes WE as in adults and kids) forget what the whole day is about. I wanted to start a tradition that reminds all of us why we are celebrating, why we are giving gifts, and why Christmas is such a big deal.
Each year my girls and I bake a birthday cake for Christmas. We light candles and sing “Happy Birthday” to Jesus. Then the girls blow out candles and we eat cake!
The first year I did this I got a few weird “you seriously want me to sing?” looks from some family members, but they are all such good sports about it, and gather round as we sing and blow out birthday candles.
I really think it helps them learn about Christmas. Even Kailani who is almost two will say, Happy Birthday, Jesus!