Christmas decorating is usually one of my favorite things to do…but when you have a little monkey running around like mine it isn’t as much fun.  I was worried that Kailani (almost 2) was going to ruin some of my decorations.  I still wanted to put things up, but didn’t want to spend the entire holiday season telling her “NO, don’t touch that!”

Here is what we did.  First the “Big Tree” problem.  I decorate my tree in layers.  The top layer is full of the pretty breakable ornaments. I love to look at them, but they are out of reach of both children.  The middle layer are the sort of breakable ornaments.  Kares helped put these on and feels like a big girl because she can reach them, but knows not to touch.  The bottom layer are the soft ornaments made of cloth that cannot be broken.  I still encourage Kailani to leave the big tree alone, but this way if she doesn’t listen, no harm done!

This year I wanted to give the girls a tree they could play with.  So I made one out of felt (for WAY cheap- under $9). Don’t worry, this craft project isn’t too difficult! (Thank you PINTEREST!)

I cut out a triangle out of green felt and attached it to a piece of white with iron on hem.


Then my oldest daughter, Kares who is 4, helped me make decorations for the tree.  We made ornaments, candy canes and presents.  It was easy to cut out and then I hot glued them together.  The ornaments stay on because the felt sticks to the felt.  I put a little box under the tree to keep all of the decorations in.


Now I have a tree that is perfect for Kailani to play with!  She can take the decorations on an off a million times a day without hurting a thing.  So when she is into the decorations on our actual tree, I don’t have to say “NO don’t touch that!” I simply redirect her to her own tree where she is free to play.

She even liked it so much she inspired me to make one for my two beautiful nieces!