Post it notes…they are one of the most important items in my diaper bag! If you have small children you know that loud noises are scary. As a woman you know that public restrooms are scary. Taking my very small girls to the public restroom…down right terrifying! So it is post it notes to the rescue!

Kares hates when the toilet flushes in a public restroom, it is loud and scares her being so close. Most restrooms have the automatic flushers and she is so small when she sits, the toilet often flushes while she is going potty. After more than a few bathroom trips ending in tears…I knew something had to change.

I use a small post it note and put it over the sensor for the automatic flushers. This way she can go potty, relax and take her time without worrying about it flushing on her! When she is all done, wiped, and clothed, we open the door and I rip off the note as we run out of the stall. It has made the miserable task of taking two children to a public restroom much easier.